About You

What are you looking for in life?

I’d hazard a guess it’s something great (even if you’re not sure of the specifics yet.) We all are. Striving is what makes us human.

We all want to live lives that feel meaningful. We all have ambitions we want to reach, whether we are self-confessed homebodies or climbing the career ladder.

The field of positive psychology shows us the great potential we have – for growth & creativity & kindness & resilience. But it’s my belief that we don’t usually get anywhere great without a map to direct us.

Writing is your map.

So…What has writing got to do with happiness?

Most of us, at some point, have written a shopping list. Why do we do that? Because we don’t trust our brains to remember that we need to buy toothpaste.

Yet for some reason, although we don’t trust our brain with this fairly insignificant fact, we do seem to trust it with the bigger things: getting the right kind of job for us, finding the right kind of person to love, and seeking out environments that really make us happy.

When we start to write, we become readers of ourselves, and it’s when we get this overview of our story that we can really change its direction. Isn’t that exciting?

Even if you’re overwhelmed. Even if you’re not really sure what you want anymore. Even if you’re stuck. In fact, especially if you are any of these, writing – in a journal & creatively – changes everything.

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Because it’s time for a better story.