The Joy of Writing Things Down: The Everyday Zen of Putting Pen to Paper

Whether it’s a speedy note-to-self, or a carefully-expressed card for a special occasion; a scrawled shopping list, or a spick-and-span set of career goals – putting words on paper plays a big part in most of our lives. In this book you’ll discover practical ways to turn this most ordinary of rituals – writing things down – into a remarkable source of calm, focus and confidence.

Savour this everyday habit and experience more mindful awareness as you tap into the enjoyment hidden in a host of common writing tasks; learn to take pleasure in your correspondence, find new delight in your diary writing and put renewed heart in your humble to-do list.

In these pages you are invited to revel in the slow joy of writing as you discover the everyday zen of words on the page.

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Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journalling

Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journalling

A practical workbook that demonstrates how to put eight of our most commonly experienced positive emotions – joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, awe and love – to work, helping us not simply to feel better, but to live better.

Based on groundbreaking research in positive psychology, and backed up by extensive scientific studies, the book includes practical exercises and case studies to inspire readers to shift their focus, use different words, see the world in a subtly different way – and discover how things go right when we write.

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The Happiness Passport: A world tour of joyful living in 50 words

Happiness Passport Book

This book takes the reader on a journey around the world seeking out the secrets of wellbeing from cultures far and wide. There are wonderfully evocative words in this collection that resonate with universal emotions: the ability of the natural world to deeply move us as captured by the Japanese word yugen, or the overwhelming urge to cuddle an adorable pet described by the Philippine Tagalog gigil. Each concept is deeply ingrained in its place of origin: long, dark Danish days encourage the warmth and cosiness of hygge, while the satisfied chatter after a sun-soaked meal – sobremesa – resonates uniquely with Spanish hospitality.

Let the Happiness Passport be your guide, examining the cultural context of each expression and the lessons that we can apply in our own lives to achieve greater contentment. A must-read for all those seeking a more balanced life, this beautiful guide features original illustrations that evoke each elusive expression.

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The Serenity Passport: A world tour of peaceful living in 30 words


Discover a calmer way of life with secrets drawn from cultures around the world. 

From ancient meditative practices to simple self-care philosophies, throughout history and around the world people have sought ways to live a more balanced life. In our busy, modern lives we are constantly seeking a deeper state of balance and calmness of mind, such as that evoked by the the Sanskrit upeksa. Whether you find peacefulness in an afternoon siesta, prefer a calming volta or simply like to grab a beer with mates to unwind as described by the Norwegian utepils, the words in this book will inspire you with new ways to find calm in everyday life

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